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Totally a scam.PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY.They are really scam and they will steal your money. I work with the broker about two weeks , no positive not negative impressions so far . Probably still a little work with the broker that would have to make any conclusion on it . All content in this broker . First platform is convenient , the schedule of quotations do more in the second asset of more than 60 .There is no problems with the withdrawal. Weekly infer more than 100 dollars. I hope this will continue . All good deals ! I started working here three weeks ago. Sorted out quickly , intuitive interface , there are tutorials . The site does not hang . No problems with the withdrawal of money laundering. A good broker ! Suitable only for experienced traders who trade are not random, but followed by refined trading strategy , know what and when to buy . Otherwise, a very fast start-up capital can evaporate . I`m working with the composite indicator Opteck net position on foreign currency assets . These indicators are also found on the analytical resources , but here it is practically integrated into the system . A few mounths, I only trade with this indicator. As a result , every month I double the profit. in two days with $100 depo I got more than 200 profit. traded turbo, took nerves, but when you capture the right direction such scalping pays off. withdrawal took about 2 days. continue to work with them, the broker is fine. Theres no my broker in the rating.I dont know these brokers. Havent checked them. But I want to recommend you my broker. Reliable. You know it’s hard to find a reliable brokr today. My first broker was so to say my experience. To stop to trust everyone. Then I checked so many brokers its hard to imagine, and decided to try Vospari broker. Have been working with Vospari for a year already. Great broker. Withdraw funds with no problems. The platform is fine, no delays. I like their social trading. Not every broker has it. I love it and recommend the broker. Reliable. Here have the link. You check it. Good luck in trading! The broker minds only its own interests, and all disputes are solved in the broker’s favor, even if the broker is obviously wrong. That was my problem. The price went up, I bought a down option, and MT4, TradingView, even the broker’s platform showed the same result – the trade was closed with a red candlestick, even the broker’s quotes history proved my profit. But what do you think they said to me? It was obvious: " At the last minute, the price went up" But the price on the website went obviously down  In other words, if you’re here to make money (and I mean thousands of US dollars), stay away from this "scam". The only advantage of the broker is $1 options – they are good to test your strategy, but $1 is 64 RUB, you better test the strategy on IQ for 30 RUB. My conclusion is: a small broker is always a small broker. Changing of quotes is obvious, only those earn money who bring them fresh "meat" You can request admins all the screenshots on the issue. I trade at verum option through mobile platform. Have been trading for 2 months only, but I already have some progress. I mastered the two indicators strat. You only need to choose the right time for trading and stick to risk management. I trade 3 weeks in a row with profit. The broker is fine, like any reputable top ( not to be confused with well-advertised). Good orders execution, the money is withdrawn. I can also recommend Bank de Binary and Alpari. or diversify among all of them. The rigth broker for people. A good system gives good profits, you just don’t have to get greedy and "play", you need to work and everything will be ok. I had some success right after I understood it. Verum is on the top level. I did not-so-good at first, but later I sorted things out, studied 2 strategies, martingale and lines. Now I’m in profit and preparing my first withdrawal. My good luck! Verum option really pleases me. Everything works just right, withdrawal is perfect, and customer care ladies are always ready to assist. Respect and my recommendations. I trade with profit, I like the broker, all trades are executed correctly. They don’t compensate the fee for deposit, but it’s ok, I’m glad they have no ‘grey schemes. The platform is usable. Made a deposit to Verum, started with min amount. We’ll see where it brings me. VERUM OPTION is a good broker. I traded at several companies, and I liked that one the most. All operations are done quickly, and the broker has a good name. I recommend it to those who have problems with other brokers, and to everyone else! This broker guarantees its clients full confidentiality and security of all financial operations under deposit and withdrawal of funds, and security of traders’ personal data. The safety of the system is also proved by numerous reviews on verum option. A month ago I changed third broker, I even had premature closings!!! delays and unexplained spikes that were not seen on available price charts, I got so frustrated… But it’s never too late. I registered at VerumOption,and everything is sehr gut. night and day compared to previous ones. everything’s ok. Anyone who has problems with a broker, try VerumOption, and you will see the difference. P.S. Im telling only about binary options, never tried their forex trading. I chose binary options at verum because it combines everything needed: safety, convenient trading. I like their website with user-friendly interface. I deposited $300, and withdrew $550$. They allow to trade normally.


Brief info about the broker
Name of the company: VerumFX
Minimum deposit: 100 USD/ 5000 RUB
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Instruments: currency pairs, gold spot, silver spot, and oil spot
Quotes: 5 digits
Spread: floating
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Maximum number of transactions: not limited
Margin Call: at Margin Level less than 100%
Stop Out: at Margin Level less than 70%
Demo account:
Advisor: allowed
Scalping: allowed
Official website:

About the Broker VerumFX

 VerumFX is a brokerage company established to open for traders the real classic (i.e. the most profitable) Forex market. The company promptly gained popularity among traders in CIS and far-abroad countries.  

Professional Trading

VerumFX Company offers everyone a chance to trade like a professional — under the most transparent and honest conditions. This is why VerumFX founders considered the experience of the best brokerage companies in the USA and Europe and offered its clients classic Forex with no bonuses, actions, commissions refund, etc.

According to the company’s representatives, any marketing tools aimed at getting here-and-now profit are additional expenditures of the brokerage company, and the company pays out bonuses and refunds commissions from its own money. These are non-functional expenditures, and they can threaten the financial stability of the broker and put its clients’ funds at risk. VerumFX refuses such expenditures and offers its clients much more important benefits than actions or bonuses: favourable trading conditions and reliable protection of funds.  

 Equal Conditions for Everyone

VerumFX tends to make professional trading available to everybody regardless of their experience, skills, or deposit amount. This is why the broker does not offer any privileged accounts with more favourable conditions: every client, a beginner or a «market shark», gets equally beneficial conditions for effective trading.

5 Digit Quotes

Unlike the majority of brokerage companies, VerumFX offers not 4 digit, but 5 digit quotes (5 digits after decimals). Such quotes are more favourable because they allow traders to make profit even from minor price fluctuations, and it means traders have more possibilities for successful trading. Traders who prefer short-term trading (scalping) highly appreciate such quotes.

Money Management

Certainly, every Forex trader determines appropriate risk/profit tradeoff individually according to his trading strategy. Nevertheless, VerumFX takes efforts to minimize trading risks and maximize chances to make profit, and this is why the company grades leverage depending on the account balance:

less than 25 000 USD — leverage is 1:1 — 1:200

25 000 — 100 000 USD — leverage is 1:1 — 1:100

more than 100 000 USD — leverage is 1:1 — 1:50

That is, if the account balance is lower, the trader can use higher leverage in order to maximize potential profit. And if the account balance is quite high, the broker limits risks and lowers leverage.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

Funds are deposited and withdrawn fast and with no delays, and to protect all customer financial transactions VerumFX introduces account verification (confirmation of personal data).

Prime Brokerage

Another VerumFX specific feature is that the company uses prime brokerage to provide traders with the best liquidity and to introduce trades to the interbank market. VerumFX proves that the true goal of the brokerage company is to be a link between the trader and the market with practically no interference to the trading process.

Prime broker receives market prices from world leading banks and through the liquidity aggregator provides to VerumFX only the most favourable for traders quotes. When the trader opens a trading operation in the trading platform, his order is instantly processed under STP technology and is introduced to the prime broker that executes this trading operation on the interbank market. It ensures high speed of orders execution and allows traders to trade on the true Forex market.

What is the Company’s Profit?

Most traders wonder what is the profit of the brokerage company, and is the company interested in clients losing their money? VerumFX conditions are absolutely transparent: the company’s profit is markup — it is a low sum added to quotes/spread. Markup is added to the prices provided by the prime broker, but the quotes always remain favourable for traders. This means the company benefits only from active trading and profits of its clients, as the company’s profit depends only on the trading activity of all its traders.

Conclusions: VerumFX is a choice of a modern trader who appreciates safety and professional approach. Here everyone can find beneficial conditions to trade and make profit on the Forex market, and be sure that all trades are introduced to the interbank market.  

VerumFX: reviews

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Totally a scam.PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY.They are really scam and they will steal your ...
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I work with the broker about two weeks , no positive not negative impressions so far . Probably still a little work with the broker that would have to make any ...
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All content in this broker . First platform is convenient , the schedule of quotations do more in the second asset of more than 60 .There is no problems with the ...

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