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Totally a scam.PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY.They are really scam and they will steal your money. I work with the broker about two weeks , no positive not negative impressions so far . Probably still a little work with the broker that would have to make any conclusion on it . All content in this broker . First platform is convenient , the schedule of quotations do more in the second asset of more than 60 .There is no problems with the withdrawal. Weekly infer more than 100 dollars. I hope this will continue . All good deals ! I started working here three weeks ago. Sorted out quickly , intuitive interface , there are tutorials . The site does not hang . No problems with the withdrawal of money laundering. A good broker ! Suitable only for experienced traders who trade are not random, but followed by refined trading strategy , know what and when to buy . Otherwise, a very fast start-up capital can evaporate . I`m working with the composite indicator Opteck net position on foreign currency assets . These indicators are also found on the analytical resources , but here it is practically integrated into the system . A few mounths, I only trade with this indicator. As a result , every month I double the profit. in two days with $100 depo I got more than 200 profit. traded turbo, took nerves, but when you capture the right direction such scalping pays off. withdrawal took about 2 days. continue to work with them, the broker is fine. Theres no my broker in the rating.I dont know these brokers. Havent checked them. But I want to recommend you my broker. Reliable. You know it’s hard to find a reliable brokr today. My first broker was so to say my experience. To stop to trust everyone. Then I checked so many brokers its hard to imagine, and decided to try Vospari broker. Have been working with Vospari for a year already. Great broker. Withdraw funds with no problems. The platform is fine, no delays. I like their social trading. Not every broker has it. I love it and recommend the broker. Reliable. Here have the link. You check it. Good luck in trading! The broker minds only its own interests, and all disputes are solved in the broker’s favor, even if the broker is obviously wrong. That was my problem. The price went up, I bought a down option, and MT4, TradingView, even the broker’s platform showed the same result – the trade was closed with a red candlestick, even the broker’s quotes history proved my profit. But what do you think they said to me? It was obvious: " At the last minute, the price went up" But the price on the website went obviously down  In other words, if you’re here to make money (and I mean thousands of US dollars), stay away from this "scam". The only advantage of the broker is $1 options – they are good to test your strategy, but $1 is 64 RUB, you better test the strategy on IQ for 30 RUB. My conclusion is: a small broker is always a small broker. Changing of quotes is obvious, only those earn money who bring them fresh "meat" You can request admins all the screenshots on the issue. I trade at verum option through mobile platform. Have been trading for 2 months only, but I already have some progress. I mastered the two indicators strat. You only need to choose the right time for trading and stick to risk management. I trade 3 weeks in a row with profit. The broker is fine, like any reputable top ( not to be confused with well-advertised). Good orders execution, the money is withdrawn. I can also recommend Bank de Binary and Alpari. or diversify among all of them. The rigth broker for people. A good system gives good profits, you just don’t have to get greedy and "play", you need to work and everything will be ok. I had some success right after I understood it. Verum is on the top level. I did not-so-good at first, but later I sorted things out, studied 2 strategies, martingale and lines. Now I’m in profit and preparing my first withdrawal. My good luck! Verum option really pleases me. Everything works just right, withdrawal is perfect, and customer care ladies are always ready to assist. Respect and my recommendations. I trade with profit, I like the broker, all trades are executed correctly. They don’t compensate the fee for deposit, but it’s ok, I’m glad they have no ‘grey schemes. The platform is usable. Made a deposit to Verum, started with min amount. We’ll see where it brings me. VERUM OPTION is a good broker. I traded at several companies, and I liked that one the most. All operations are done quickly, and the broker has a good name. I recommend it to those who have problems with other brokers, and to everyone else! This broker guarantees its clients full confidentiality and security of all financial operations under deposit and withdrawal of funds, and security of traders’ personal data. The safety of the system is also proved by numerous reviews on verum option. A month ago I changed third broker, I even had premature closings!!! delays and unexplained spikes that were not seen on available price charts, I got so frustrated… But it’s never too late. I registered at VerumOption,and everything is sehr gut. night and day compared to previous ones. everything’s ok. Anyone who has problems with a broker, try VerumOption, and you will see the difference. P.S. Im telling only about binary options, never tried their forex trading. I chose binary options at verum because it combines everything needed: safety, convenient trading. I like their website with user-friendly interface. I deposited $300, and withdrew $550$. They allow to trade normally.


Brief info about the broker optionbit review
Name of the company: Optionbit
Minimum deposit: 250$
Minimum stake: 10$
Market assets: Currency Pairs, Stock Indices, Commodities, Stocks
Types of options: Binary Options, One Touch, Pairs
Potential payout on options*: 91%
Automatic trading:
Demo account:
Deposit and withdrawal methods: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill
Official website:

OptionBit Review

OptionBit is one of the industry leaders providing both novices and professionals with an unparalleled trading experience, along with state-of-the-art trading tools and services. No previous financial experience or expertise is required to become an online trader. OptionBit provides you with everything that you need in order to jumpstart your trading career. Its trading platform is suited for beginners who are interested in earning a secondary income but is also dynamic enough to satisfy the demands of professional traders.

Trading Conditions

The trading platform is of utmost importance when choosing a brokerage company. OptionBit has a user-friendly and intuitive trading platform. Other main points about trading with OptionBit include:

  • Wide variety of types of options and assets

  • Convenient deposit and withdrawal of funds

OptionBit Platform

OptionBit’s platform is solely web-based and is able to operate on any web browser. This means no downloads are required that can noticeably slow down your computer. OptionBit also provides you with a mobile-based application that is available for Android, iPhone and iPad, which requires no download and has all the functionality as the desktop version.

OptionBit’s platform is dynamic but surprisingly easy-to-use. By offering a number of different tools that is sure to enhance your trading experience. For example, OptionBit enables you to close a trade before the expiry time and gives you the opportunity to extend your trade to the next expiry cycle with the ‘Extend Now’ feature.

Another feature is the useful ‘AutoTrade’ tool, which is perfect for long-term strategy planning, as it re-opens winning trades.

OptionBit Assets

OptionBit offers you an ever-growing asset list, including profitable assets such as Facebook, Google and Apple. OptionBit has a wide range of currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices to choose from. You are also able to access up-to-date information on the market along with a built-in signal that constantly scans the financial markets, ensuring you that your trades are accurate and reliable.

OptionBit App

In today’s day and age where technology is constantly evolving, mobile applications are integral for all businesses. That is why OptionBit provides you with a mobile-based application that is available for Android, iPhone and iPad, enabling you to trade whenever and wherever. From executing new trades to managing your account, the OptionBit app provides you with a complete mobile trading experience. The app is compatible with all iOS and android devices, including tablets. All of the great features available on the app include; unlimited access to currencies, commodities and other markets, wide range of account management tools, no hidden fees or commissions and round the clock support.

Trading Features at OptionBit

Some of the trading features that are offered are:

  • Digital (Above/Below) – This is widely known and most popular form of binary options trading. All you have to do is determine whether the price of the option will rise or fall before the predetermined expiry rate. Most novice traders prefer this method and when they gain more experience will move on to more innovative options.

  • Range – Profit is registered if you correctly determine whether the particular asset’s rate in the predetermined expiry time is inside or outside a given range

  • Touch/One Touch – If the price of the chosen asset reaches or surpasses the predetermined barrier.

  • Turbo –Same thing as digital trading with one difference. The expiry times are 1, 2 or 5 minutes. Some assets even offer expiry times that are only 15-30 seconds long.


No matter whether you are a novice or a professional trader, OptionBit firmly believes that there is always something new to learn. If you are a beginner, you have access to an ever-expanding library of video tutorials and various other resources in order for you to trade like a professional. OptionBit’s extensive collection of video tutorials will teach you the basics, more advanced trading techniques and tips on how to improve your trading success.

If you are an experienced trader, OptionBit gives you the opportunity to gain more knowledge in order to hone your trading skills with advanced video tutorials that teach you new strategies and trading techniques.

There are also other resources on the website that are useful when trading, including a comprehensive eBook and an economic calendar.

Training Program

OptionBit is dedicated to its trader success and for this reason has put immense efforts into developing the best training program. OptionBit’s training program takes place over Live Chat or the phone, according to the traders’ convenience. The training sessions are conducted one-to-one, solely between the trader and the market analyst.

Customer Support

There is no geographical restriction at OptionBit, this means no matter where you are located; you are always able to contact a customer support representative through Live Chat, email or phone. OptionBit’s customer support team are highly dedicated professionals, giving you every chance to succeed. The OptionBit platform also operates in a number of different languages.

Deposit & Withdrawal of Funds at OptionBit

OptionBit allows you to make an initial deposit with all of the traditional payment options and through other means such as Skrill. All you have to do is click on the cashier tab and you will be asked to determine your preferred payment method and the amount you would like to deposit. When you have made your deposit, click on the ‘proceed to secure checkout’ tab and you will be taken to an SSL protected page where you will be asked to fill in your details to your preferred payment.

At OptionBit you can withdraw your money at any time. Deposit and withdrawal of funds take a minimum amount of time. To withdraw funds, all you have to do is locate the withdrawal button. Once you click on it you will then be asked to choose your desired amount to withdraw and a preferred payment method.

Is OptionBit a Scam?

OptionBit is an excellent choice for beginners looking to enter the binary options world and for trading wizards looking to maximize their profit potential. With a highly advanced but easy-to-use trading platform along with a stellar educational package, OptionBit was clearly created with its traders in mind.

In short, OptionBit is an innovative and reliable brokerage company that is a leader in the binary options industry. The company offers excellent conditions of trading and provides an outstanding service.

Contact Numbers

English: +44.20.38071341
Spanish: +34.91.1877526
Russian: +7.499.9186523
German: +49.69.95179713
Portuguese: +351.308801182
Japanese: +813.6890.8588
Arabic: +973.16.199369
Italian: +39.02.94752090

Optionbit: reviews

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Totally a scam.PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY.They are really scam and they will steal your ...
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I work with the broker about two weeks , no positive not negative impressions so far . Probably still a little work with the broker that would have to make any ...
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All content in this broker . First platform is convenient , the schedule of quotations do more in the second asset of more than 60 .There is no problems with the ...

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